Monday, January 29, 2007

after effects

I'm taking motion design 1 this term, so this means I'll be learning how to use After Effects! This is part of the first assignment, design a 5 second logo. The alligator's mouth opens and closes, and he blinks! Mostly basic stuff, I think it would've been better if I could insert wavs. Oh well, we'll learn that eventually! I can't wait to start doing some cool animation shorts, it's like a new medium of story-telling for me.

I'll upload the mov. file to youtube once I get a good copy of it (toast titanium ate mine).

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

more sketches

More already?!

A first rough pass at redesigning the female character below.
The designs below are the ones I originally used for the storyboards, there wasn't anytime to improve on them during the end of the term:

And here are sketches of a new character to be added to the story. It's a spotted Daschund, I've actually seen one that was black and white in the mall. It was so cute. And it was on sale. I couldn't buy it. :(


Design overhaul for the new secret comic! It'll have a 60's feeling to it. Eventually. And it'll be done by scholarship. (hopefully)

I don't sketch enough, so expect some more this week!

...I'm on some kind of sketching high. So, grannies. Hey isn't that the lady from the Matrix?