Monday, October 23, 2006

Finished Character Designs

The first character design 1 project is over! The are the final character designs for my ancient China themed Treasure Island.
Our next project is "Journey to the West". ...and I just did China! Oh well, at least I have a lot of research already, my characters are based on China in 700 AD, which is the approximate time "Journey to the West" took place!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

These are some character expressions I did for character design.

...the text was added after Kevin's critique.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Some old oil paintings

I finally got some good photos of some of my favorite oil paintings. Some of them are pretty old, like this was from 2nd term when I was in Mike Hussar's head painting class. Good times.

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This was my best painting I did that term because it was the only set up that was ridiculously colorful (I think it was one of Charle's setups). All of Mike's setups were desaturated with gray backgrounds, and I learned to paint with a pretty desaturated palette. It helped in the long run though, it's easier to see subtle color shifts now.

The other 3 paintings (in the illustration gallery under traditional work) are from sometime in 3rd term. And then I kind of painted less and less because I became busier with scholarship work. I'd love to go back to the workshops but this term is proving to be super crazy.

Character Designs

From Kevin and Hong's character design 1 class. We're doing Treasure Island as a periodical piece. So mine takes place in China during the Tang Dynasty (800's).

Last week we had to draw 3 drawings of Long John Silver and 3 of Jim Hawkins. And yes, they are in gray scale. Sacriligeous! I could've used value more strongly in my designs, but everything is kind of mid-value because most colors I use are in the mid-value range. I find I dislike working in strictly black and white.

I came up with a theme for each of the characters, I need to work on presenting that though.

Here's Long John(s):

This was the favorite:
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Although people liked this one a lot too, I'm going to combine some stuff from both of them:
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And this is the first Long John I drew:
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On Long John, I worked on pushing the two-sided nature of his personality. So I used things like the moon, tides, and yin-yang to describe that.

3 Jim Hawkins:
I originally intended Jim to be a boy, but this guy turned out looking girly, so I pushed that.
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I like this guy's face, but other then that he's kind of boring.
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I like how this Jim's clothes is different from the others:
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Since Jim is the main character, he's the most boring guy. So I tried to make him into a more intersting guy, like a monkey! The flower one is kind of gay but I still like the sleeves.