Tuesday, June 13, 2006

more pulp fiction

The scene near the end:

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I'm not really happy with the red of the chairs, but it could still work. I generally like to choose all of the colors on the right side of Photoshop's color picker (ie, colors away from gray.) If I have to use a gray or brown, I try to make it either very cool or warm, away from neutral. Although I find the neutral looking brown of Jule's skin to work because it's next to some really warm red browns around his ears and nose.
I like how the comps so far don't read as realistic in terms of color, they just look cool. Hmm, and I should have put something on Jules' shirt. In the screenplay he's supposed to be wearing a "I'm with stupid" shirt, though I don't think that made it to the actual film.
I need to do one more of these tonight. Thank god for Coffee Bean and their delicious mocha lattes.