Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The last of the lifestyles series from drawing concepts 2, old models living out the rest of their lives. Or something like that. Babies are now optional accessories.

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I like the colors on this one more then the last one. The colors on the last one were very tame, orange/yellow/blue. Here, I started out with red and green as my main compliments, but eventually branched out to orange and blue as my sub compliments, and somewhere between all that some yellow slipped in as well. I think what makes this piece work is most of the reds and oranges are very saturated and warm, while most of the blues and greens are desaturated and more neutral temperature-wise.
The color of the month is toothpaste green (seen in the bg here). I find it works real well with most reds, or most colors that have some red in them. And my printer actually prints this shade!