Monday, October 02, 2006

Some old oil paintings

I finally got some good photos of some of my favorite oil paintings. Some of them are pretty old, like this was from 2nd term when I was in Mike Hussar's head painting class. Good times.

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This was my best painting I did that term because it was the only set up that was ridiculously colorful (I think it was one of Charle's setups). All of Mike's setups were desaturated with gray backgrounds, and I learned to paint with a pretty desaturated palette. It helped in the long run though, it's easier to see subtle color shifts now.

The other 3 paintings (in the illustration gallery under traditional work) are from sometime in 3rd term. And then I kind of painted less and less because I became busier with scholarship work. I'd love to go back to the workshops but this term is proving to be super crazy.