Friday, July 21, 2006

Contrary to popular belief...

Yes, I still do paint. With REAL PAINT:

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This is an in-class painting I did in David Luce's Drawing Concepts 2 class. Good class.
Done in acrylics over newspaper collage on illustration board.
I think I should be more bold with the electric blue stripes in the background, thicker stripes. As for the colors, everything is actually pretty accurate, I think. (Except for the cheap colored skin...) There was a bright pink background and the pad on the floor was a nice neon green. The couch was more of an orange kind of brown, and I pushed it more towards a maroon. So in the end the picture is mostly reds and greens, with hints of orangey reds and some electric blue.

I also uploaded a couple of old gouache landscape paintings from last summer/fall in the illustration gallery, under the "traditional work" folder. I'll upload some more recent ones, I have about 3 wc sketchbooks full of landscape paintings, and even some figures in gouache. I also uploaded an old photo of my first scholarship setup from 3rd term. Only half of the work is visible though.

And awful photographs like this remind me that I really, really need a new digital camera.